Mulching is a good way to go green and create a healthier landscape. Our mulching service is available throughout the year and can add the finishing touch to your landscape. We make sure that you receive the correct quantity of product and that it is installed properly.

The choice of pine needles or hardwood mulch comes down to personal preference. Both products conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and protect plant root systems from dehydration that can occur during winter and summer temperature fluctuations.

A two-inch layer of pine needles makes an excellent mulch for acid-loving trees and shrubs. Pine needles are attractive and allow water to penetrate easily. They do not wash out when installed correctly in beds or on hillsides.

Hardwood mulch also suppresses weeds and decomposes slowly, adding organic matter to your beds.

Both options are an excellent way to give your landscape a lift and do a great job to help plants thrive in all seasons.