Spring is fast approaching

The first day of spring is fast approaching so here are some reminders for the month:


If you planted bulbs in November they could use a light coating of fertilizer broadcast on the planting beds. Use a mild fertilizer such as 10-10-10 of 5-10-5.  As their blooms fade, cut off spent flower stalks, but don't remove the foliage until it yellows.


Cut back liriope and ornamental grasses before they show new growth.  Don't be accused of Crape Murder.  See our February tip for this and other pruning tips.


If you haven't already done so, apply a pre-emergent weed control to your fescue lawn. A pre-emergent weed control should be applied to fescue turf when the soil temperature consistently reaches 55-58 degrees.  Historically this is the end of February.  Go ahead and purchase the amount you need and have it on hand.  We will be using a 19-3-6 fertilizer with Dimension this year.  A 50 lb bag covers 13,000 square feet.  As always refer to the label for application rates.  If you are interested in receiving a free estimate for our Full Service Maintenance Program please contact us at info@barringerlandscape.com


Wind and winter may have left your recent fall plantings a little less straight than you left them in the fall.  Now would be a good time to straighten them before the root systems begin to get active.

Dormant oil should be sprayed while the plants are still dormant to control Scale, Mealybugs and Red Spider Mites on ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees and roses.

Get your gardening tools ready to use; See our January tip for more details.