Summer Came Early


We are heading into the season that your fescue turf does not like.  Fescue turf ultimately performs its best in the spring and the fall.  With the onset of hot humid days, your fescue will suffer.  Here are a few tips to help you fight the battle:

    1. Water only in the morning to avoid fungus.  Your turf should receive approximately one inch of water a week. This has been difficult this season with the excessive weather and rainfall.  Speaking of fungus though….
    2. In the May Garden Tip we discussed the application of fungicide.  Be sure to follow that schedule to prevent or curb BROWN PATCH.
    3. The first of June is a great time to apply a low nitrogen fertilizer with iron to provide your lawn with some “green up”.   We are using 5-10-31 with 10% Iron.  As always follow manufacturers labeled instructions.
    4. Lift them up!!!!  Raise your mower blades to 4″ going into the summer.  This will provide the root systems some protection from the brutal sun.  Do not fall into the temptation to “scalp now and not have to mow for a month” philosophy.  Your turf will suffer.

Summer Annuals2

You still have a few weeks to plant those beautiful summer annuals.  Follow our step-by-step planting instructions in the May Garden Tip.


If you haven’t already pruned your spring blooming shrubs, do so now.  Make sure all the blooms are spent.  For more information on pruning see our February Garden Tip


Be careful when working in the garden this summer.  Try to get an early start in the morning to avoid the mid day heat.  Drink lots of fluids and seek shade.