Turf Care

Remember that fescue turf is a cool season grass and does not like nor performs well in the humid and hot weather. Here are a few hints to hold you through until the fall.

Watering recommendations: Water ONLY in the MORNING to the equivalent of 1 inch per week. With all of the evening showers lately, you may not need to water at all.
Speaking of evening showers…

  • The reason you shouldn’t water at night is the probability of your turf getting a fungus called Brown Patch. Preventative measures are the best bet to avoid it. If you haven’t already done so, increase your mowing height to 4 inches. This will shield your roots from the brutal sun.

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Landscape Beds

July is a good month to catch up on weeding and mulching your landscape areas.  With all the rain we have had in June the weeds have been abundant. Get an early start in the morning when it not as hot and hand pull these garden nuisances; they actually come up relatively easy when the ground is moist.  If you last mulched your beds at the first of the year, they may need dressing up.  A 3-inch layer of mulch is all you need. More than that is detrimental to the plants creating an environment for disease and insect infestation.  Speaking of the environment, you may have seen mushrooms sprouting overnight in your garden. These, for the most part, are harmless.  Mushrooms are simply a harmless fungus.