Christmas is Coming…


It is not too late for a winter fertilization application.  Check out the November Garden Tip for specifics.  Your turfgrass is still active and has not gone dormant yet, so an application will benefit the health and color of your turf.  Make sure to remove all the leaves from your turf, most of them will be down by the end of the month.  Excessive buildup can cause pH alterations, in addition to smoothering new seedlings.


Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to ornamental beds before renewing the mulch this year.  This application will reduce the amount of winter weeds that germinate throughout the winter.  If you haven’t already done so, cut back your spent perennials and mulch them in for the winter.  Take a look at the November Garden Tip for details.

AnnualsIt is not too late to plant your tulip and daffodil bulbs for a spectacular show next spring.  For planting information, please look at our November Garden Tip.  Plant today for a surprise in the Spring.


Is it too cold to enjoy your garden outdoors?  Bring it inside!!!  Colorful cut branches from many plants can add warmth, variety and style to your holiday decorations.  Create fantastically simple centerpieces, wreaths, garlands and more.  Here are a few of our favorites:


Juniper-Coarse textured blue-green foliage. Some also offer berries
Holly-Many different varieties often with red berry accents
Hemlock-Softer fern-like foliage
Magnolia-Who can forget this favorite?


Winterberry or Sparkleberry Holly-Profuse red berries on bare stems
Holly-Burford, Nellie Stevens, and many more offer clusters of color
Nandina-Grape-like clusters of bright orange berries.  Nice deep colored foliage.


Variegated Aucuba-Green and yellow foliage creates a unique contrast
Red Twig Dogwood-this shrub-form dogwood maintains bright red stems which are perfect for adding structural accents
Ornamental Grasses-A variety of plumes can offer height to any arrangement

And more…..

Winter Arrangement

Boxwood, Ligustrum, Tea Olive, Eleagnus, Cotoneaster, Harry Lauder Walking Stick, Pine, Laurel, Viburnum, Loropetalum,  Anis and Leuocthoe


Live Christmas Trees need a little tender loving care.  If the weather is cold when moving the tree into the house, stage the move by moving the tree into an unheated garage or basement for two days and then into the house.

Houseplants need less care this time of year.  Be careful to not overwater.  Cut down on fertilization.

Roses-leave the last blossoms to form seedpods.  This helps the plants into dormancy.  After the first good freeze, cut back the canes and cover with mulch or topsoil.  This will protect the plants through the winter.

Multi-stemmed evergreens, such as Arborvitae or upright Junipers can be tied up to prevent snow and ice from causing the plant to split.