Fescue Turf-ahhhhh!!!

Help is on the way.

Your fescue turf is a cool season grass, which means it HATES this heat and humidity. Now comes the good news. Fall is just around the corner. Here are a few things you can do in preparation for the most crucial time in your turf calendar.

  1. Identify areas that need some TLC during the fall seeding process and get to work on those now.
    • You may need to fill in a rut or pot hole with topsoil.
    • There may be an area that is running wild with Bermuda grass, go ahead a kill that area with a non-selective herbicide (using manufacturer’s labeling instructions)
    • Dethatch any areas that have heavy build up of dead grass due to wilting this summer. You want the seed to be in direct contact with the soil.
  2. Get ready to WATER
    • If you have an irrigation system, this is a great time to make sure all the heads are operable and you are receiving adequate coverage.
    • If you do not have an irrigation system, make sure you have enough hoses and sprinklers on hand to make the watering process a smooth one. This will be key in the germination process.
    • Go ahead and purchase your seed and starter fertilizer now and have it on hand.
    • The line will be extremely long at the hardware store on that perfect Saturday that you decide to do it.
    • You may want to purchase more than you think you need.
    • There is always the need to throw a little more down after a rainstorm or the birds feed on it.
    • It’s good to keep a bag on hand.
  3. Call around to local rental stores to investigate the rental of an aerator.
  4. Make sure your spreader is in working order.