Spring Forward

We now have more daylight hours to work in our gardens. Enjoy yourself.  Here are some reminders for this month.



If you planted bulbs in November they should be in full bloom and adding a beautiful touch to your landscape.  As their blooms fade, cut off spent flower stalks, but don’t remove the foliage until it yellows.


Pruning is often puzzling to many gardeners.  Some plants bloom on old wood and some on new wood, and it is important to know the difference.  Here are some refreshers.  You may be too late for some and too early for others, so please read this important tips.

Spring Flowering Woody Plants

Azaleas and forsythias both bloom on old wood in the spring which means they develop flower buds in the summer before they bloom. Though some people think this is the time of year to prune, it clearly is not.  If you prune spring-flowering plants before they bloom, you will lose flowers.  The time to prune these plants and other spring-flowering plants is after they have bloomed and the flowers are faded.

Shaping Spring-Flowering Plants

Shaping spring-flowering plants in February and early spring will not harm them, even though you will lose some flowers.  To shape azaleas, prune vigorous shoots back to the average height of the plant.  Let forythias grow to their natural height and weeping form.  On mature plants only, thin out one-third of the older canes to the ground to open up the plant.

Summer Flowering Woody Plants

Summer flowering plants such as the butterfly bush bloom on new wood, which means they will not develop flower buds until they have put out new leaves.  However, you don’t want to prune in the fall because pruning activates new growth that could become damaged by the cold.  The best time to prune these plants is late February or early March.

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Mid month is the time for your second application of pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer for fescue turf.  We will be using 5-0-17 with Dimension on our properties this year.    Refer to the label for application rates.  If you are interested in an estimate for Full-Service Landscape Maintenance please contact us at info@barringerlandscape.com