Each blade of fescue is a plant. Unlike some warm season grasses like bermuda, fescue does not crawl and fill in on its own. The more dense the turf the less likely weeds will emerge and the stronger the turf will be against disease. Fall is the beginning of the fescue turf calendar and the process we recommend will determine the health and quality of your lawn throughout the year.  We are very interested in partnering with the city on water conservation while keeping beautiful lawns across our area. Though the current restrictions do not allow for our premierrecommendations for watering newly seeded lawn, it does allow you to water; so we will not disregard this most important part of our client’s turf care program.  In normal conditions, we would recommend watering a newly seeded lawn multiple times throughout the day every day until germination occurs (about 2 weeks). Watering just long enough to moisten the soil.  To remain within the city guidelines, those multiple times will have to be conducted only on days allowed as outlined below.

As of 8-28-07:

No lawn watering by anyone on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
ODD Number Addresses ? Watering is allowed on Tuesdays and Saturdays
EVEN Number Addresses ? Watering is allowed on Thursday and Sundays