The short answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.  In light of the current restrictions on lawn watering, we are reminded how dependent we have become on automatic sprinkler systems.  At this point we cannot rely on our ideal watering regime but have to revert back to days of old and let nature do what is does best.  Please remember that this is a multipurpose process:

  1. Aeration of fescue lawns is essential to expose air and moisture to the existing root systems of your established lawn(This is not contingent on watering)
  2. We have also applied a starter fertilizer that in addition to aiding the germination process feeds your existing fescue at this time.  (This is not contingent on watering)
  3. We are still within this small window of opportunity to introduce new seed to your lawn before the heavy leaf litter limits proper seed placement  (September 1-October 15th)
  4. Though irrigation systems have reduced the natural germination cycle down to 10-14 days, we are now having to rely on natural rainfall to complete this process.