Challis Farms This gated community off highway 51 contains several properties maintained by Barringer & Barringer.

Challis Farms II Many homes in this gated community enjoy outdoor living spaces including pools and spas. Barringer & Barringer maintains this one.

Dilworth Residence Full Service management services at this Dilworth Home.

Dilworth Residence Simple and pristine define this home in historic Dilworth. Barringer & Barringer maintains over 50 properties in this area of Charlotte.

Eastover Residence Our seasonal color programs compliment landscapes that already have an established look as revealed in this Eastover home.

Foxcroft Residence Green lush lawns despite the challenges of large wooded and established lots

Kids Playhouse…. Barringer & Barringer even takes care of our client’s children. Playhouse is in the backyard of a client off Providence Road. No detail is left unchecked….

Myers Park Property Barringer and Barringer has been working in the Myers Park area of Charlotte since 1985.

Premier Turf Care Program Barringer & Barringer spends a lot of time and energy refining our turf care program. Environments change, technology changes and so do processes. With all of our properties, we are committed to green landscaping and using environmentally friendly and water conservation techniques.

South Charlotte Garden Retreat Landscape management goes well beyond lawn care.

Spanish Style Home Though the architecture is the prominent feature of this property, Barringer & Barringer maintains the grounds to enhance it to its fullest.

Stonecroft Property This new home in Stonecroft receives Barringer’s full array of services

Vernon Drive Residence Full service management services off Wendover in Charlotte